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Classic Whip SPF 30 x Vacation Sunscreen

Classic Whip SPF 30 x Vacation Sunscreen

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A lighter-than-air sunscreen made with eco-friendly propellants and an authentic tilt valve actuator that produces perfect, star-shaped mountains of foam, inspired by everyone's favorite after dinner indulgence. 4 oz.


Reef-friendly formula. Oxybenzone & octinoxate free. PEG & paraben free. Cruelty free. Vegan. Dermatologist tested. Broad spectrum SPF 30 protection. Water-resistant (80 minutes).


Lightweight and easy to wear. Vacation's award-winning signature scent. Rubs in fast on all skin tones.


Coconut oil. Aloe vera. Banana extract. Shea oil. Vitamin E.

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