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Austin Motel Bandana x ELOI

Austin Motel Bandana x ELOI

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A custom collaboration between the Austin Motel and Austin-based artist, Paige Russell of ELOI. 

30% silk 70% cotton bandana. 25" x 25". Hand hemmed. 

Starting out of construction paper cutouts, Austin-based, ELOI reproduces this technique onto silk twill, transcending the two-dimensional originals, yielding the ability to manipulate and experience the art in infinite, utilitarian ways. 

"Everyone congregates at the kidney shaped pool whether you're a guest at the Austin Motel or not. I was keeping in mind how the pool summons me, personally, to drink too many Aperol Spritzs at a pool party and fall asleep in the sun. 

The pattern was created entirely out of construction paper cutouts then printed on a silk/cotton blend (and hand hemmed), giving it the feel of a vintage hankie." - Paige Russell

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