NOTO Rooted Oil Roller

NOTO Rooted Oil Roller

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TRAVEL // BODY + HAIR  - .35 oz

A travel friendly moisture rich uni-sexy scent for skin and hair.  Rooted Oil was the first piece that launched the NOTO collection. A moisture rich uni-sexy scent for skin and hair.  Rooted Oil is a modern take on a the shamanistic smell of Palo Santo and other oils from the nature.  

Deep yet subtle undertones of smoke, wood, and earth, with hints of Bergamot and Cardamom give this scent layers of grounding. With a base of argan and fractioned coconut oil, it dually acts as a nourishing hair oil. Travel and apply this precious nourishing essential oil mix as scent for body and hair.  Beards welcome. 
Product Ingredients:
  • Palo Santo (ethically wildcrafted) - natural purifier, concentration, grounding, mood lifter
  • Somalian Frankincense - antiseptic, healing, anti-aging, protection
  • Haitian Vetiver- calming, cooling, grounding, centering
  • Madagascar Black Pepper - sensuality, mind stimulating + clearing
  • Cedarwood oil - toxin remover, soothing, optimism enhancing
  • Labdanum Absolute - mind calming, anti-aging, grounding
  • Fractioned Coconut oil - nourishing, hydrating
  • Cardamom - aphrodisiac, uplifting, antiseptic, camphorous
  • Fir - antiseptic, soothing
  • Birch Tar - astringent, comforting, relaxing
  • Bergamot- antiseptic, antidepressant, disinfectan
  • Argan Oil - high in vitamin A and E, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory
  • *Ethically sourced sandalwood chips soak in the oil for a month before bottling.

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